6 years in two minutes

The video shows a graphical representation of all our effort. Thousands of code changes, new features, bugs fixed, unittests and lots of learning.

From an unsorted set of scripts and ugly Python code to a codebase which has a test coverage of over 60%, respects PEP8 and is easy to use, it’s all there.

Project Leader

Andres Riancho has been leading the w3af project since it’s creation in late 2006.

From Web Designer to Senior Python architect, every role you can imagine he has done at least for a couple of days for the w3af project.


During the project lifespan we’ve had four important sponsors Openware (now Globant), Cybsec, Bonsai and Rapid7.

All of them were very important for us and helped w3af achieve the status of being the leader in our space.


Starting in 2007 with the T2 conference, we’ve been invited to deliver talks on Web application scanning and exploitation all over the world.

It’s an honor to be invited to conferences and share our knowledge about this subject!


w3af’s future is full of Test-driven development, that’s all we know for now!