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Interested in learning more about web application security and Python? Join our mentorship program! I’m offering to guide three students in a 1 month learning process where they’ll learn by doing.

This is the first of hopefully many of these mentorship programs, the basics are:

  • We communicate over IRC
  • You work with the other students in a task
  • 60 minutes a day is the max amount of time I can spend on guiding students, so part of the challenge is to know which questions to ask
  • You spend any amount of time on the assigned tasks. Anything from 30 minutes to all day long is acceptable

At the end of this program you should have considerably increased your Python programming and web application security skills, and most importantly made a couple of friends in the process.

Want to join? Tweet “I want to join @w3af’s mentorship program!” and I’ll DM you afterwards.


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Web Application Security Innovator, Researcher and Entrepreneur. Python Hacker.
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