Beta-testers wanted!

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It’s time. The w3af project needs your help. I’ve been improving this software during the last months and now I need you to test it before the release. I’ve done my fair share of testing, but I’m also the developer and that’s never good.

We’re looking for bugs, crashes, false positives, false negatives, typos, etc. anything that can be improved is welcome.

Follow these steps for testing:

cd ~
git clone
cd w3af
git checkout threading2

# Backup your old profiles
mv ~/.w3af/profiles/ ~/w3af-profiles.old/
rm -rf ~/.w3af/

# Install the dependencies - bugs in this step are also welcome

# Load the full audit profile
./w3af_console -p full_audit
    target set target http://your-target-goes-here-com/


Report any issues here , if possible please attach the output.txt logfile to the bug report. Please DO NOT test the w3af_gui , it’s still being developed.

If no major bugs are reported, the new version should be released shortly after this beta testing phase. Thanks!

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