This plugin finds new URL’s using wn. An example is the best way to explain what this plugin does, let’s suppose that the input for this plugin is:

  • http://a/index.asp?color=blue

The plugin will search the wordnet database for words that are related with “blue”, and return for example: “black” and “white”. So the plugin requests this two URL’s:

  • http://a/index.asp?color=black
  • http://a/index.asp?color=white

If the response for those URL’s is not a 404 error, and has not the same body content, then we have found a new URI. The wordnet database is bundled with w3af, more information about wordnet can be found at:

Plugin type



Name Type Default Value Description Help
wn_results integer 5 Only use the first wnResults (wordnet results) from each category. No detailed help available


For more information about this plugin and the associated tests, there’s always the source code to understand exactly what’s under the hood:
github-logoPlugin source code
Unittest source code


This plugin has no dependencies.