This plugin tries to do a diff of two directories, a local and a remote one. The idea is to mimic the functionality implemented by the linux command “diff” when invoked with two directories. Four configurable parameter exist:

  • local_dir
  • remote_url_path
  • banned_ext
  • content

This plugin will read the file list inside “local_dir”, and for each file it will request the same filename from the “remote_url_path”, matches and failures are recorded and saved. The content of both files is checked only if “content” is set to True and the file extension isn’t in the “banned_ext” list. The “banned_ext” list should be used to ban script extensions like ASP, PHP, etc.

Plugin type



Name Type Default Value Description Help
content boolean True When comparing, also compare the content of files. No detailed help available
local_dir string The local directory used in the comparison. No detailed help available
remote_url_path url http://host.tld/ The remote directory used in the comparison. No detailed help available
banned_ext list [‘asp’, ‘jsp’, ‘php’] When comparing content of two files, ignore files with theseextensions. No detailed help available


For more information about this plugin and the associated tests, there’s always the source code to understand exactly what’s under the hood:
github-logoPlugin source code
Unittest source code


This plugin has no dependencies.