This plugin tries to find new URL’s by changing the numbers that are present on it. Two configurable parameters exist:

  • fuzzImages
  • maxDigitSections

An example will clarify what this plugin does, let’s suppose that the input for this plugin is:

  • http://host.tld/index1.asp

This plugin will request:

  • http://host.tld/index0.asp
  • http://host.tld/index2.asp

If the response for the newly generated URL’s is not an 404 error, then the new URL is a valid one that can contain more information and injection points.

Plugin type



Name Type Default Value Description Help
fuzzImages boolean False Apply URL fuzzing to all URLs, including images, videos, zip, etc. It’s safe to leave this option as the default.
maxDigitSections integer 4 Set the top number of sections to fuzz It’s safe to leave this option as the default. For example, with maxDigitSections = 1, this string wont be fuzzed: abc123def234 ; but this one will abc23ldd.


For more information about this plugin and the associated tests, there’s always the source code to understand exactly what’s under the hood:
github-logoPlugin source code
Unittest source code


This plugin has no dependencies.