Holm Security is sponsoring w3af!

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Prepare yourself for great news: Holm Security, an information security solutions provider based in Sweden, is sponsoring the w3af project!

Holm Security is a company focused on automated and continuous vulnerability assessments for network, web and fraud prevention. Their platform is called Holm Security VMP where VMP stands for Vulnerability Management Platform.


w3af is one of the key components in their web scanning engine, but not the only one. Holm Security’s web application scanner uses multiple tools and custom w3af plugins to identify vulnerabilities and reduce false positives.

Holm Security and I have been working together for almost a year now, delivering new features, bug fixes and amazing performance improvements. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without Holm Security’s financial support and commitment to open source!

The most amazing part of their sponsorship is that all the code I write for them is in the public GitHub repository, ready to be used by anyone for free.

Holm Security’s goal is to become a leader in their space, first in Europe and then word-wide. Let’s help them do it :-)

PS: If you’re interested in the details of the sponsorship, please read the email I just sent to the w3af-users mailing list.


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